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A Woman Writing at Home


Preserving your unique voice

A writer's voice is shaped by many aspects such as age, memories, personality, and emotion. This personal combination of life experience is like a fingerprint that identifies the author in the words they choose, the characters they develop, and the dialogue they use. With our services, we will help cultivate your unique writing voice so that it shines through your written works. 

See my Services page for explanations about the different types of editing services I offer.


Contact me to receive a 1,500 word sample of your work - free!

Jenny A.

"I chose to work with Paige because she was willing to look at my Bible study/devotion book. I was looking for developmental editing and help with wordiness. Her suggestions were awesome. They helped me flesh out ideas more thoroughly and helped me fine-tune what should be included and what shouldn't. Her suggestions helped me get more excited about the book and gave me the confidence I needed to continue writing it. I'd been on the fence about it but couldn't quite let it go. I'm so glad our paths crossed and would wholeheartedly recommend Paige for your editing needs!"

Tam S.

"I started off not thinking that I was a writer or could make good full stories. But Paige gave me the confidence to try something new and I have found a new hobby that I enjoy. She is also excellent at helping to develop the ideas that I come up with into full plots that can grow into complete stories."

Jenny Z.

"Paige was great to work with - open communication, flexible rescheduling and the work.  She really turned a phrase and cleaned up my brain dumps.  I recommend her highly, especially if you need to come clean and correct!"
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